Aruba Tourism Ambassadors Dick and Deborah Miller recommend
"The Beach of the Day" on their nightly radio show, which is broadcast over the radio in Aruba and on more than 70 web sites. During the day you can enjoy Aruba's beaches and at night, you might want to make a reservation in advance at the popular "Azull" restaurant, directly on the beach at the Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino. Phone: (297) 586-4466.   Be sure to say "Dick Miller Sent Me!" when making a reservation, and you will be treated like a V.I.P.  Azull is the most romantic dining experience in Aruba.

        The Dick Miller Show will familiarize you and entertain you while you are vacationing in the Caribbean. Packed with island information, the show entertains by mixing a wide variety of music including adult contemporary, top 40, 60's to the 90's, country, and local Caribbean music throughout the one hour show.

Be sure to listen to The Dick Miller Show for the "Restaurant of the Night" feature to find out which restaurants honor the famous phrase "Dick Miller Sent Me!" for a complimentary glass of wine with dinner. Looking for Happy Hour bars? Dick Miller will tell you the "Happy Hour Bar of the Night". Want to find the best beaches? Listen to the feature the "Beach of the Day".

The show is broadcast in English, making it widely appealing to Americans and people the world over who understand the language. On the island of Aruba this is particularly important to note since all of the broadcasts are in the local language of Papiamento.


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